dboxShare for enterprise file sharing synchronization
dboxShare is an easy-to-use free open-source enterprise file hosting server software, based on .NET technology development, used to build a safe and efficient file cloud storage and cloud management platform. Users don't need to change their work habits, and two-way file synchronization will automatically upload, download and update versions according to their permissions, providing a convenient and efficient solution for sharing and cooperation.
Main features and functions
Designed for enterprise file sharing synchronization, it is suitable for building a secure and efficient private cloud file hosting platform.
Multiple database support
Support SQL Server and MySQL database, deploy the most suitable database system according to the application requirements.
Site security protection
The same account is not allowed to use multiple browsers or computers to log in, site key is supported to improve site security.
Multilingual user interface
Provides multilingual user interface for multinational organizations and foreigners, and supports the extension of custom language pack.
Encrypted storage file
Using AES encryption technology and strict information protection strategy, the security of file storage and reading is improved.
Share permission control
Shared folder supports authorization by department, role and user, and can quickly assign permissions by preset permission set.
Powerful upload module
Support large file upload, drag and drop upload, folder upload, single file maximum support 10GB, and provide user upload size limit function.
File version management
Support file version management, solve the problem of version confusion, improve the accuracy of file information, and avoid work errors.
File online preview
Support online preview of office documents, pictures, drawings, audio, video and zip files, and support custom extended file formats.
File online decompression
Provide compressed file online viewing function, support download, decompression specified folder and file, and support encrypted compressed file.
Two-way file synchronization
No need to change work habits, two-way synchronization will automatically upload, download and version change according to permissions.
File link share
Link share provides controllable file sharing solution for external users, and supports effective time, password extraction and email notification.
Operation log details
All file operations will be recorded by the system, the file operation log will be traced to provide an important basis for audit work.
Online preview common formats support list
It can be configured and deployed according to requirements, and supports custom extension file formats.
MS-Word doc,docm,docx
MS-Excel xls,xlsb,xlsm,xlsx
MS-PowerPoint pps,ppsm,ppsx,ppt,pptm,pptx
MS-Publisher pub
MS-Visio vsd,vsdx
OpenOffice odg,odp,ods,odt
WPS wps
PDF pdf
Text csv,rtf,txt
Code asp,aspx,bat,c,coffee,cpp,cs,css,go,htm,html,java,js,json,jsp,less,lua,m,php,pl,py,rb,sass,scss,sql,swift,ts,vb,vbs,xml
Image bmp,gif,jpeg,jpg,png,tif,tiff
Drawing 3ds,ai,blend,cdr,dae,dgn,dwg,dwf,dwfx,dxf,eps,fbx,plt,ply,psd,stl,svg,xps
Audio aac,flac,m4a,mp3,ogg,wav,wma
Video 3gp,asf,avi,flv,m4v,mkv,mov,mp4,mpeg,mpg,rm,rmvb,wmv
Zip 7z,rar,zip