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Private cloud deployment, safe and efficient management of enterprise file resources.
Latest version v4.0.0.2105 (2021-05-28)
English Community Ed. (compiled)
English Community Ed. (source code)
Chinese Community Ed. (source code)
Software introduction
dboxShare is an easy-to-use free open-source enterprise file hosting server software, based on .NET technology development, used to build a safe and efficient file cloud storage and cloud management platform. Users don't need to change their work habits, and two-way file synchronization will automatically upload, download and update versions according to their permissions, providing a convenient and efficient solution for sharing and cooperation. The system has the characteristics of simple installation, flexible deployment and small maintenance. It is suitable for enterprises, organizations and teams to build a safe and efficient private cloud drive.
Main update contents of v4.0
  • Add file area division, file collection, file follow, link share and other functional modules
  • Add user limit independent setting (upload and download file size)
  • Improved single file upload maximum support 10GB
  • Improved program code
  • Fix bugs
Main features and functions
  • Support SQL Server and MySQL database system
  • Same user account is not allowed to login at the same time
  • Site independent security key
  • Multi language user interface (support extended language pack)
  • Support 5 levels of department classification (if not set, classification will not be displayed)
  • Support user role classification (if not set, classification will not be displayed)
  • User access management (support batch create, change, classify)
  • AES encrypted storage file (support to enable or disable)
  • Shared folder permission control (support multi-dimensional quick authorization based on department, role and user)
  • Powerful upload module (support large file upload, drag and drop upload, folder upload)
  • Single file upload up to 10GB
  • Support to limit the file size of uploaded and downloaded by a single user
  • File history version management (support new version upload, replace and remove)
  • Online preview of multiple file formats (support custom extension)
  • Online extraction and decompression (support 7z, rar, zip)
  • Two-way file synchronization (support automatic file upload, download, version replacement)
  • File link share (support valid time, password extraction, email notification)
  • File operation log
Runtime environment
Runtime: .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later
Database: SQL Server 2008 R2 or later / MySQL 5.7 or later
Open-source license
AGPL v3.0