Enterprise edition and services
Enterprise edition provides you with a full range of services and technical support to ensure that the software runs more stable and reliable.
License AGPL v3.0 AGPL v3.0
Useful life Unlimited Unlimited
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited
Technical support period   1 year
Non-working day support  
Remote assistance  
Site troubleshooting  
Software bug fix  
Software security patch  
Software version upgrade assistance  
System and data migration assistance  
Extension tool subscription  
Server environment construction  
Software installation  
System deployment optimization  
Multi language user interface
Department classification
Role classification
User access management
AES encrypted storage file
Shared folder permission control
Powerful upload module
Single file upload maximum 10 GB 10 GB
File history version management
Online preview of multiple file formats
Online extraction and decompression
Two-way file synchronization
File link share
File operation log
Multitask file processor  
Full text search  
LDAP / AD user integration  
Anti-virus scanning engine integration  
  Standard      Optional
Purchase process
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Product consulting
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Remote deployment
Delivery for use