Commercial edition and service purchase
Editions comparison table
The commercial edition provides technical service support, which can make the software run more stable and reliable.
  Community Edition Standard Edition Premium Edition Professional Edition
License AGPL v3.0 AGPL v3.0 AGPL v3.0 AGPL v3.0
Useful life Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Service life cycle   1 year 1 year 1 year
Security and stability patches  
Software bug fix  
Version upgrade support    
Migration support    
Installation support  
Clustering support      
Remote assistance support  
Email support  
Reaction time   3 business days 2 business days 1 business days
Subscription extensions  
Multilingual user interface
AES256 encryption
Bidirectional synchronization
Task assignment
User discussion
Version management
Operation log
Online preview
Online unzip
Multitask file processor  
Full text search   +500 USD
LDAP / AD user integration   +500 USD
Anti-virus scanning engine integration   +1000 USD +1000 USD
Purchase process
Provide professional pre-sale consultation and service, try before purchase, let you worry free.
Product consulting
Buy online
Remote deployment